The Minnesota Art Truck is making its rounds of the roundabouts at offices across the metro with a clever program: the Art Stop.

The Art Stop offers food for the soul, by bringing something new to business and school curbsides across the metro. The idea?

  • Inspire employees and help them step out of routine.
  • Foster left- and right-brain wholeness.
  • Make their lives easier by bringing what they need to them.
  • Support local artists and small businesses.
  • The easiest of easy holiday shopping.

The Art Stop helps all of this happen, naturally.

It could not be easier to start—just schedule it.  We’ll even provide the fliers to put up in the lunch room. Best of all, it costs you nothing.

  • The Art Stop is the Minnesota Art Truck loaded with original art and books from over 40 artists. You may have seen it—it’s been booked for over 85 dates this year alone.
  • Employees will find everything from hand-screened prints and cards to pillows and cubicle art to one-of-a-kind assembled art robots (as seen in Sky Lounges across the US).
  • The Minnesota Art Truck will come by any time during business or school hours.
  • The Art Truck brings a wide assortment of best gifts, literally to your front door.

From corporate headquarters to small business owners, the Art Stop is an easy and effortless way to do something new and nudge the creative parts of our brains. And, help make your employees lives easier and more fun.

Call today at 952-463-7404 to park some creativity in front of your business.


What kind of greatness is onboard the Minnesota Art Truck? Buckle-up, there’s a lot!

• Jewelry
• Ornaments
• Paintings
• Hand-Screened Posters
• Pottery
• Minnesota Themed Art
• Fused Glass
• Woodworking
• Handmade Greeting Cards
• Digital Illustration
• Wire Sculptures
• Robot Sculptures
• Dish Towels
• Scarves
• Cabin Pillows
• Doodle Posters
• Doodle Books
• Children’s Books
• Photography
• Journals
• Calligraphy
• Limited Edition Prints
• Wood Bowls
• Wood Utensils
• Cribbage Boards
• Cutting Boards
• Serenity Stones
• Handmade Pens
• Posters On Board
• Handmade Wood & Metal Signs
• Tote Bags
• Coasters
• Holiday Cards
• T-Shirts