“Winnie Wonka” — Upcycled Americana Sculpture


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“Winnie Wonka” — Upcycled Americana Sculpture By Djonk

Introducing “Winnie Wonka,” Willie’s older and lesser known sister.

Winnie was the true heir to the Wonka family candy empire. Oddly, her passion for sketching ultimately saved the Wonka family from joining the likes of Charlie’s family and neighbors.

Winnie’s lack of interest in being the queen of candy, led to the speedy assent of Willie to the “Candy Man” as we know him today.

Luckily, Winnie’s sketching fancy saved the Wonka family from becoming paupers, after Nestlé‘s hostile candy-crush-takeover of Wonka. Her invention, the “Etch A Sketch,” was their savior.

  • Upcycled Components: HEAD / HVAC air flow cupeling (circa 1980s); HAT / Tin biscuit cutter from Rumford Baking Powder (circa early 1900s); NECK / Automotive socket (circa 1980s); BODY I / Mini “Etch A Sketch” (circa 2015) and wooden wheels (circa 1950s); SHOULDERS / Mini pie tins (circa 1970s), beads (circa 1980s), and wooden wheels (circa 1950s); Arms & Hands / Judd woodworking metal clamps (circa 1970s) and wooden block (circa 1950s); Dress / Electrical power line glass insulator (circa 1940); LEGS / Springs and long bolts; Feet / Tinker Toys (circa 1970s); BASE / Butter dish (circa 1980s).

About The Artist

  • Matt Swenson is the dude behind Djonk (“yonk”)—Swedish for junk. He turns vintage curiosities and advertising propaganda into sculptures, by pairing disparate objects to make something totally new.

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