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UPCYCLED VINTAGE COMPONENTS: Head (License Plate Light, circa 1990s); Ears (Flash Light Circuit Springs, circa 1970s); Hat (RC Plane Prop, circa 1990s); Body (Ogden’s Tobacco Tin from UK, circa 1960s); Shoulders (Phone Receivers, circa 1964 and 1950 & Spark Plug Rubber Sockets, Circa 1950s); Arms (Plastic Toy Space Gun/Pencil Sharpener, circa 1970s & Air Compressor Head, circa 1980s); Neck (Brass Lightbulb Socket, circa 1950s & Blue Automotive Springs, circa 1960s); Legs (Wooden Beads, circa 1990s & Industrial Drill Depth Stops/Collets, circa 1960s & Springs, circa 1980s); Feet (Art Deco Kitchen Drawer Pulls, circa early 1960s).

DIMENSIONS: 12.25″ Tall by 9″ Wide by 5.5″ Deep

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Matt Swenson is the dude behind Djonk ( say “yonk”)—Swedish for junk. He turns vintage curiosities and advertising propaganda into sculptures, by pairing disparate objects to make something totally new.

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Dimensions 5.5 x 9 x 12.25 in


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