“Mini Pearl” Upcycled Americana Sculpture


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“Mini Pearl” — Upcycled Americana Sculpture By Djonk

  • Upcycled Components: Head (tea steeping egg; circa 1980s); Body & Neck (wooden staircase spindle; circa 1950s); Front Crest (electrical switch utility plate; circa 1950s); Back Embellishment (wing-nut, circa 1950s); Arms, Shoulders, Legs (wooden construction play set, circa 1960s); Legs Two (springs, circa 1990s); Legs Three (decorative radio hardware, circa 1980s); Hands (electrical clips, circa 2000s); Base (tin mini cupcake mold, circa 1970s); Eyes (phillips screws and rubber spacers; circa 2000s).
  • Matt’s the dude behind Djonk (“yonk”)—Swedish for junk. He turns vintage curiosities into sculptures, by pairing disparate objects to make something totally new.


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