Medium Ceramic Pottery Bowl — 56 Brewing


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  • Hand crafted Lee Curtes Pottery
  • 6.5″ Wide by 3.5″ Deep
  • Dishwasher, Oven, and Microwave Safe


Lee studied ceramics at the University of Wisconsion-Oshkosh in the 1960’s from the late Dr. Paul Donhauser, a world renowned ceramics artist. His minor was in art and after spending time and working with Paul, he was convinced that ceramics was the medium he was meant to explore. After graduating in 1967, Lee joined and spent 34 years in the family business. During that time he raised three daughters with his wife Melodee. During that 34 year period, Lee continued making pottery when time permitted, but it was intermittent at best. As his retirement approached, he built a studio in his home, and began to rekindle his love for pottery.

Since retiring in 2002 Lee has put more and more effort into his pottery and has enjoyed producing functional ceramic art work. His ceramic pieces are fired to over 2000 degrees fahrenheit and are microwave and oven safe. His glaze materials are from glaze formulas that were developed by his mentor Dr. Paul Donhauser. Each glaze is lead free and food safe. The clay Lee uses is stoneware clay.

Functional art that can be used on a daily basis is Lee’s goal. His goal has been achieved when each person that uses his pottery enjoys the look and feel of it. 

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Dimensions 6.5 x 3.5 in


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