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Little Mouse Lost is Valerie and her publishing company, SkaneBones Publishing’s, first book! Navigating the self-publishing process was a challenge but it has been worth it, she says.

Little Mouse Lost is a story is based on true events. Valerie’s daughter, Maeven, received her “Little Mouse” when she was born and they have been inseparable since. This book represents the Grahn family’s late night searches for Little Mouse.

For any child or parent who has every had a favorite stuffed animal, this book is for you.


About The Author

Valerie Grahn is a new author. Lost Little Mouse is her debut book.  She currently resides in Excelsior MN. Her husband, Johan and their three children, Lukas, Maeven, and Dennen, encouraged her to self-publish this story.

She was inspired to write Lost Little Mouse after launching many late-night search parties for Maeven’s stuffed ‘Little Mouse’.  She has always wondered why Little Mouse goes missing around bedtime.

In addition to writing children’s books, Valerie has a successful career in the medical device industry and helps to commercialize products that improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

She is a new member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, enjoys gardening, travel, going on her own family adventures, and of course, reading.

Valerie hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as she enjoyed writing it!


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