Jimmy Jonny Brownie Children’s Book


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For kids who like staying up and the parents who still love them.

Introducing Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night, an award-winning book about a boy, bedtimes, and natural consequences.

In Bing Puddlepot’s charming book, Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night, a little boy finally gets what he’s wished for “his whole life” — a chance to skip bedtime altogether. With imaginative adventures throughout the night and amusing consequences the next day, this picture book helps children figure out bedtimes on their own.

Jimmy Jonny Brownie Stays Up All Night has received a lot of positive feedback — and a lot of thanks from grateful parents. It’s both humbling and exciting to know we’re making a difference in kid’s lives in amusing and effective ways. Please let us know what you think of the book — we’d love to hear.

“What a wonderful way to combat those ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ noises every parent hears when bedtime nears! This book explores the consequences of not going to bed in a creative and very amusing way that captures the attention of children–and those adults who are young at heart! The story and the illustrations combine to create a bedtime adventure to enjoy with your child.”


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