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  • Original Painting By Ellen Sweetman.
  • Painting Is Roughly 5″x8″


Ellen Sweetman was born in Red Wing, Minnesota and later moved to Welch, and completed her pre-secondary education in Cannon Falls. In Cannon Falls she studied under Tim Getman, Dennis Kalow and John Fogarty. Ellen attended The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University where she worked with Bela Petheo, Brother Allen Reed, Jim Hendershot, Sr. Balu Kuan, Tom Darnall, and Kerry Lafferty.

Ellen spent coonsiderable time traveling and developing her artistic style overseas. Countries visited include: Spain, France, Norway, Netherlands, and Japan. Currently, Ellen enjoys traveling in United States with her family.

Ellen is the proud mother of 4 children and resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Wherever I’ve lived in the world, I’ve looked at my surroundings with a sympathetic and curious eye – a suburban ditch, a particularly expressive face, the patterns on a leaf. Whether still life, landscapes, portrait or floral subjects, oil painting is a way of collecting these experiences and memories, investigating them, and putting them in fixed forms for the viewer to explore in turn. A painting of any of these can be a map, a journal or a snapshot.

My canvases currently are small in scale, and contrast the intimacy of that format with the boldness of the gesture and color. These paintings are created to invite the viewer into them with a playful, colorful and expressive style that invites an investigation of both the technique – how the brush leaves a mark atop another — and also the subjects I depict.  One day I hope to return to larger canvas and explore my world on another level.


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