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  • Made from repurposed, silver plated flatware.
  • Each necklace closure is a durable lobster claw


  • Dave Sanko is a mature,  multi-talented artist/craftsman. He is without doubt an expert in tools and equipment. As long time professional mechanic and builder he is a natural born craftsman.

    He stumbled into silverware sculpture as an accident. He purchased a set of old silverware to make his wife a bracelet and ring. From the first touch he knew there was a lot to explore creatively. He has been making metal formed jewelry, animal sculptures and garden art for several years.  He is very good at it.  Most of the finished pieces have been silver soldered together with a jewelers touch.

    The important aspect of his work is that it is not “primitive silverware art”. He has advanced far beyond that very old technique of bending handles into rings. Dave takes the metal apart and uses many of the elements to re/create new images. He does take the viewer by surprise. It takes a few minutes  to recognize the origin of the metal.


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