Art Truck on Demand parks the Art Truck where you need it: in your driveway. Or at work. Or at the dog park. Simply agree to $99 in purchases—super easy by yourself or grab a friend—and the wheels are in motion (most art is under one hundred bucks).

1. Call the MnArtTruck (952-463-7404) and say: “I need an original.”

2. The MnArtTruck will burn rubber to you, wherever you are. Hockey, dance,  grocery store, church, dentist, lunch, BBQ, health club, cat club, office, pub,  lake, or lounge—we’re there.

3. Climb on board our climate-controlled rig and choose a handcrafted original  work of art, and support local, community artists.

It’s really that easy. Art Truck on Demand is perfect if you’ve forgotten a present or want to make an instant impression. Our art is in the right place, every single time.

Want to see how the art will look in your home before you buy it? Our On Demand option is perfect for that and we’ll help you handle everything from planning, consulting, to hanging.

952-463-7404 | matt@mnarttruck.com