Crate Of Great Locations:

56 Brewing / 3055 NE Columbia Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Unmapped Brewing / 14625 Excelsior Boulevard Minnetonka, MN 55345


What’s better than the Minnesota Art Truck? — The honest answer is: nothing.

But there is one thing that comes close: the Crate of Great. If you’re looking for a dependable source for what’s in the amazing Art Truck—gifts, jewelry, books, paintings, sculpture, weldings, weavings, and pottery—walk no further than…

Actually you may not even have to walk.

Lean over from your perch at the bar or the comfy chair at the salon and check out the Crate of Great. The Crate of Great is the Minnesota Art Truck without the wheels.

The Crate of Great sits in the corner looking awesome, full of good things for every age and every price range, all 100% uniquely crafted by local artists. The best part is, you can purchase something this second from the Crate of Great and take it on home a few seconds later. (Take that, Amazon!)

“I won’t say people riot when the Minnesota Art Truck drives away from an event,” says truck driver/curator/founder Matt Swenson, “because I can only see out the side mirrors. But people do ask where they can shop when the truck’s not sitting there. Our Crate of Great locations put amazing art in your hands any time you want it.”

“There’s a reason it’s not called the Crate of Average,” says Swenson. “What’s in these displays are truly great: local, unique, super-creative and fun. We have such great artists all around us, but most people never see them. The Crate of Great lets you see the best of our local art up close and personal.”