Generate great buzz with the behemoth of finds: The Minnesota Art Truck.®

Here’s a clever way to make your next event stand out, and it couldn’t be easier.  Like a food truck for art, the Minnesota Art Truck carries the work of dozens of local artists, delivering their tasty art—and a great community vibe—to your next big thing.

The perfect way to shift your next event or activity into a higher gear. 

  • It’s an event and an experience. Having the Minnesota Art Truck out front has stopping power and let’s people know something good is happening.
  • It makes art easy. We bring good art close, showing up with art (and artists!) from right here where we live for demonstrations, readings and conversation.
  • It creates community. What’s so great is that the Minnesota Art Truck makes people happy—and happy they live here.

What does it cost for this rig?

Nothing—you’re supporting local art and we’re supporting you. We handle all sales and all interactive art activities. So, it requires no effort on your part.

Here’s the best part: we toot our own horn—and yours.

We promote your event through our social media—and the social media of our artists.  And they have fans that repost even further. So your event is magnified and magnified again to new audiences.

The calendar fills up fast so reserve the Minnesota Art Truck now.

  • Matt Swenson, Founder Minnesota Art Truck
  • 952-463-7404 / matt@mnarttruck.com

Perfect for:

  • Special Art Gatherings and Markets
  • Community Events and Fairs
  • Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries, and Taprooms
  • Grand Openings and Open Houses
  • Corporate Incentive Events
  • Onsite Corporate Holiday Shopping
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Art and Book Fairs